RockSolid Scales Bespoke Collection

The RockSolid Scales Bespoke Series is comprised of the best of the best, tailor-made to the needs of the maker. This is a first for the wood stabilizing world, never before have makers had more choice in the way they build their product.

RockSolid Scales Bespoke Collection customized scales and blocks are subjected to the rigorous stabilizing techniques that are known and expected of RockSolid Scales. Setting the bar high has always been the goal; never before has the bar been set this high!

Bespoke Series blocks and scales start out as the finest raw materials that are stabilized in a proprietary blend of specialized resin and hand formulated dyes. This ensures a quality end product that is customized to your liking.

Pick your block, pick your color, pick your cut, your choice all the way! 

How it works:
- You choose the piece of raw wood you want from the "Raw Wood" drop down menu
- Choose a Primary Color from the "Primary Color" drop down menu
- Choose a Secondary and Tertiary Colors (for double and triple dye) from the "Secondary Color" and "Tertiary Color" buttons that appear after you select a Primary Color
- Choose your cut
      - Scales or Block


Current Lead Time: Please allow 6-12 weeks for completion of your product


Terms and Conditions:

Through the act of checking out, the purchaser is agreeing to pay, in full, the amount invoiced; this payment is refundable with a $15 custom item re-stocking fee. Through the purchase of "Bespoke Series" stabilized wood, the purchaser agrees to the proposed timeline, but express understanding that the timeline is merely an estimate. The option to cancel the "Bespoke Series" order with a full refund of all payments will be offered after 12 weeks from the time of placement of the order.

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