Grip-Tec™ is a revolutionary rubebr and resin composite. Grip-Tec™ is unlike any material on the market and ideal for use on hunting knives, filet knives, kitchen knives, and your favorite EDC knife. Grip-Tec™ will provide ucompromising grip in the most intense situations - completely waterproof, weatherproof and incredibly durable, trust Grip-Tec™ for your most adventurous projects!

Grip-Tec™ is simple to work, no special tools required! Simply shape and finish as usual. For best grip, I recommend finishing between 220 and 400 grit then sandblasting with 80 grit aluminum oxide media at 40-60 psi. Finishing at 400 grit is what I would consider to be the happy medium for both grit and appearance. I recommend avoiding finishes of any type (such as wax) on this material, as the finish will degrade the level of grip. If you prefer, Grip-Tec™ can be polished - I suggest taking it to 1500 grit or higher and polishing with a blue pastic rouge. Keep in mind, however, that polishing does degrade the amount of grip.

Grip-Tec is cut-to-order, as such, please allow up to 4 days for fulfillment. If your item is backordered, please allow 7-10 days for fulfillment.

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