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#1051 - Sinister Dyed Ancient Bog Elm

Regular price $38.00

These scales are dyed with Sinister resin to reduce the crystalline formation that occurs with bog woods. When stabilized in clear resin, the resin fills the pores in such a way that it shows up like crystals. Using dark dyed resin prevents this. Sanded to 500 grit, polished, and photographed. No finish, no laquer, just natural beauty!

Dimensions: 6"x1.8"x0.328"

Weight (oz): 4.4

Shore D Hardness: 72

All scales and blocks are stabilized unless otherwise noted. Wood is a naturally occurring material, though beautiful, there may be voids, checks, or cracks that are not apparent to the naked eye. All care is taken to describe any visible flaws in the material description.

Shore D is the scale that tests resin hardness, this is used as a quantitative scale to assess the resin uptake of the wood.