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RockSolid Scales

3D Resin Arrows Bargain Bin

3D Resin Arrows Bargain Bin

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This set is in the Bargain Bin due some of the resin curing a bit "rubbery." This may affect the final finish you're able to achieve. If you thinned these scales out from the back about 1/16", it seems that the rubbery resin would be gone.

Sanded to 150 grit, sprayed with clear coat to bring out the color and figure.

Tips for Working with Resin:
- Use sharp, preferably new drill bits or end mills
- Set drill press or mill to high RPM (2500-3000 rpm)
- Use slow, gentle feeds to prevent grabbing and twisting the material
- Be sure to release pressure on the drillbit occasionally to help clear the chips from the tip of the drillbit.

Dimensions: 5-1/8"x1-15/16"x3/8"

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