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EA5 - Stabilized Elk Antler Bolsters

EA5 - Stabilized Elk Antler Bolsters

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This elk antler was harvested in Arizona in 2019. It was then dried and stabilized with SOS 3.0 stabilizing resin under cycles of vacuum and pressure. The end result is a stable antler that takes a great polish. The antler was not polished prior to stabilization, so the natural, weathered appearance of the antler remains.

When cutting, I tried to cut away as much of the pith as I could whilst preserving the hard, outer, cortical layer. Some pith remains, when you use these the pith is hard and stable, taking the stabilizing resin well, so it is very hard, but it is not solid. When using these as handle material, you can either remove the pith with a carbid burr (or other method), fill the pith with thin CA or resin, or leave the pith. With a thick outer cortical layer, allowing the pith to remain will not affect the structural integrity of the antler.

"Cortical Thickness" is describing the thickness of the outer layer of the antler.


Overall Dimensions: 1.9":x1.9"

Cortical Thickness: 0.235"

Weight in ounces: 2.8

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