Rock Solid Scales

Bringing you the highest quality handle material including stabilized wood blanks, resin blanks, and composites at the very best prices.

Always honest, always fair, always RockSolid.

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Customers notice the quality of RockSolid Scales!

"I just wanted to let you know that these scales are the highest quality scales I have ever purchased.They are dead flat and flawless! I just wanted to say that I am beyond happy and satisfied with my purchase."

  • Quality

    Quality is second to nothing around here. RockSolid Scales priority #1 is always quality - not only product quality, but quality of your experience and quality of service. RockSolid Scales strives to be the best.

  • Value

    Value is priority #2, right behind quality. Honest, fair pricing and clear, honest descriptions of what product you will get in the mail. No one likes surprises, that's not the RockSolid Way.

  • A Better End Product

    A better product made by you, the maker, requires better material. But that no longer has to come at a higher price! Increase your margins while making a better end product. Your customers will love you for that!