Knife and Tool Maintenance 

Kriebs Custom Knives are created using a variety of materials, these maintenance instructions are a generalized set of instructions to ensure your Kriebs Custom Knife or Tool lasts as long as possible! 


The Blade: All steel, whether stainless or not, can be susceptible to rust if not properly maintained. We suggest keeping the blade oiled with your favorite firearm oil or RockWax protectant wax. 

The Handle: Handles are susceptible to the elements in varying degrees based on the material they are constructed from. Regardless, we recommend mineral oil or RockWax protectant wax be following use in the field. It is also recommended that you apply a thin coat of mineral oil or RockWax protectant wax every 3 months in the case of a blade that is not regularly used. 

Storage: Storage in a leather sheath may lead to moisture retention and ultimately could lead to oxidation of the blade and/or degradation of the handle material. It is recommended to store your blade or tool in a safe, locked area, and not stored within a leather sheath. Thermoplastic sheaths are much less apt to cause oxidation or degradation, and your blade or tool may be safely stored in the thermoplastic sheath as long as the sheath is clean and dry at the time of inserting the blade or tool into the sheath. 

Please Note: Under no circumstance is any knife or tool to be exposed to underwater or saltwater environments unless explicitcly indicated in the product description. At this time, Kriebs Customs LLC does not produce any knife or tool intended for these environments.

If you have further care or maintenance questions, please email us at