About RockSolid Scales

RockSolid Scales was founded in 2018 by Matt Kriebs, owner of Kriebs Custom Knives. Matt found that one of the biggest struggles in knife making was finding affordable scales that still provided a high level of quality.

What started off as a small, innocent collection of highly figured woods quickly turned into a minor obsession. Soon, over a hundred board feet of highly figured wood, mostly instrument grade, accumulated in the basement. Matt decided to turn this into a mission. 

The mission of RockSolid Scales is to remember our roots, provide the highest quality possible at fair prices. RockSolid Scales was founded on the belief that the maker buying scales is not just a customer or a number, but a relationship. 

RockSolid Scales are stabilized using high vacuum and Cactus Juice Stabilizing resin. By keeping the processes in-house, RockSolid Scales can guarantee the best quality possible.