RockSolid Bespoke Collection

The RockSolid Scales Bespoke Series is comprised of the best of the best, tailor-made to the needs of the maker. This is a first for the wood stabilizing world, never before have makers had more choice in the way they build their product.

How it works:
- You choose the type of product you need
    - Scales or Block
    - If scales, choose the thickness of the cut

- You choose from the species that are available
    - Drop down will include hand selected raw wood that is available in the
      format you desire
    - Sizes will be indicated when selecting the raw wood 

Choose your color
    - Color availability is subject to change
    - Choose single, double, or triple dyed scales

Once you make your selections, you will be provided with the cost of the Bespoke piece of stabilized wood. Once you choose to proceed, an invoice will be emailed to your registered email. A $5 non-refundable deposit will be required prior to the start of the process. Your $5 non-refundable deposit will be applied to your final invoiced cost.

Timeline: The timeline of stabilizing wood depends on several factors. Factors that impact the timeline drastically include double and triple dying, dryness of the wood, density of the raw wood, availability of a vacuum pot, and a few other, less impactful factors. I am not always able to give accurate timelines and do not want to overpromise, though this will certainly happen from time to time.

Current Lead Time: Please allow 6-12 weeks for completion of your product

Terms and Conditions:

Through the act of paying the $5 "Bespoke Series"  deposit, the purchaser is agreeing to pay, in full, the amount invoiced; this deposit is non-refundable. Through the purchase of "Bespoke Series" stabilized wood, the purchaser agrees to the proposed timeline, but express understanding that the timeline is merely an estimate. The option to cancel the "Bespoke Series" order with a full refund of all payments will be afforded after 12 weeks from the time of placement of the order.