RockSolid Scales Buddy System

Have you…

  • Always wanted a website where your clients can go and build their own knife?
  • Ever wanted to own 200+ sets of handle scales?
  • Ever wanted to offer your clients the opportunity to select from a larger selection of handle material, without investing the money to hold the inventory?
  • Ever thought it would be cool to get a kickback for using RockSolid Scales (as if the quality and pricing weren’t good enough)?

Well, that time is now!

RockSolid Scales is introducing the “RockSolid Scales Buddy System” that will open an online portal to allow makers to port over the current inventory from the RockSolid Scales store.


My Vision:

To integrate the RockSolid Scales store into the maker’s store to allow the maker’s clients to choose their own handle material. The way I see it, the client can go to your website, choose a model, then choose a scale and liner combo, choose any other details you would like to offer to the client (finish, hardware, sheath, etc), and check out.
It’s like going to your favorite sub shop, you pick your bread, then the meat and cheese, toasted or not, add some veggies and condiments, and BAM, your custom sub. Well, why can’t this be how customers build semi-custom or custom knives in the future?

Collections will be set up based on full-tang vs hidden tang, so if you only offer full tang knives, you would only feature the “Scales” collection. Or, if you feature primarily hidden tang knives, you would only feature the “Blocks” collection.

Do you have a trademark style and want to prevent a customer from picking hot pink resin scales? Let me know and I can build a custom collection which will only include the scales or blocks you want!

The ideal is that the Buddy System will be free to participate in!


Why are you doing this, Matt?

Well, I have always tried to be different, to go against the grain, to offer things no one else is offering. I have always pushed for a customer experience that is put at the top of everything else. This is a vision I have had for a very long time, with the recent Instagram account deletion debacle, I have had to take a step back and see what ways I can remain relevant during my rebuild, or if this happens again.

Sounds great, but where’s the schtick?

Well, no real schtick, but there are a few downfalls:

  • Prior to testing, I believe your customer will need to check out twice, one time through the RockSolid Scales App and once through your website.
  • Customer will need to fully understand the system to prevent confusion and accidental purchases.
  • Checkout and billing is still in the works. May be that an invoice is sent to the maker, may be that the customer pays the bill, may be able to tailor this to the request of the maker.


What does the maker need to do to get in on this?

  • The maker will need their own website, on their own domain.
  • Spend some time (30 min to a couple hours depending on your website platform and prior knowledge of coding) integrating some pre-made code onto their website.
  • Upload a special RockSolid Scales Terms and Conditions page onto your website.
  • Start marketing your new, custom operation!


Rewards for participating

  • Rewards are TBD, but I have ideas!
  • Could be a percentage off of your purchases, could be points, this is dependent on the checkout style.


What does the future hold?

  • RockSolid Scales integration into a number of maker websites.
  • Hopefully, a more seamless checkout process.
  • A rewards system that rewards makers for using RockSolid Scales.

To apply, click this link!