RockSolid Scales Buddy System Terms and Conditions

RockSolid Scales Buddy System Terms and Conditions

Participating vendors are held to a high standard, are expected to practice business in an ethical and fair manner. Participating vendors may be removed from participation without cause and without notice, at the sole discretion of RockSolid Scales CEO Matt Kriebs. There is an implied understanding that participation in the Buddy System is a symbiotic, understanding business relationship.


All participants are required to apply prior to acceptance into the Buddy System.

Screening and Acceptance of Application

All applicants will be screened prior to acceptance of application. Acceptance to the Buddy System is based on subjective and objective metrics. Examples of subjective metrics include: style, reputation of business, appeal of business website and more. Examples of objective metrics include: ability to integrate Buddy System code into business website, number of sales per year, date of establishment and more. By submitting the application, you imply willingness to subject yourself to the screening, which may also include reference checks.

Denial of Application

Following the above screening, if acceptance is not granted, the user will be notifed through the provided email. Reason for denial may or may not be provided.

Waiver of Rights to Arbitration

By submitting an application for the RockSolid Scales Buddy System, you waive all rights to arbitration against RockSolid Scales except for arbitration against unfulfilled transactions (e.g.: you purchase and pay for an item and RockSolid Scales does not ship your order).


RockSolid Scales will ship using USPS First Class Package with tracking, unless other shipping services were purchased at the time of checkout. By submitting your application, you understand that shipping times can vary based on many factors. RockSolid Scales will do their part to ensure arrival of all products, but from time to time there are instances where packages get lost, shipping times are delayed, or other issues arise which are out of the control of RockSolid Scales. Shipping costs are calculated at the time of checkout and are the responsibility of the purchasing party. Any package that is received by the sutomer that has sustained damage, or any package that does not arrive will be considered for full refund at the discretion of RockSolid Scales / Matt Kriebs.