Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Material Through RockSolid Scales Buddy System Vendor


Welcome to the RockSolid Scales catalog at Stand Watch Knives. Stand Watch Knives is a participating vendor in the RockSolid Scales Buddy System. As such, they have agreed to display much of the in-stock material from RockSolid Scales, without the overhead of purchasing such material!

This unique opportunity allows you the unique opportunity to fully customize your handle material choice with the ability to choose from over 200 in-stock items.

IMPORTANT: As a purchaser of RockSolid Scales through a RockSolid Scales "Buddy System" approved vendor, you agree to allow the material to be shipped directly to the approved maker, for use on your customized project. By purchasing you agree and indicate understanding of the above.


1) Look through the catalog of high quality pieces

2) Add your preferred item to your cart

3) Check out through RockSolid Scales


Checking out does not ensure the purchase of a custom knife from Stand Watch Knives, there will be a seperate checkout through Stand Watch Knives.