#1081 - ЯedЯum Spalted Maple Burl - Bargain Bin

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Sanded to 500 grit, polished, and photographed. No finish, no laquer, just natural beauty!

**This wood started life as very punky, soft, rotten maple burl. Stabilizing has helped harden it, but it is not as hard as my typical stabilized wood. As such, there is some flex in these scales. There are several checks, for which punky wood is known for. These will fill with CA, but the sheer number of them have deemed this set a Bargain Bin Set. Use of a thick liner is required for punky wood such as this. 

Dimensions: 5.375"x1.9"x0.304"

Weight (oz): 4.0

All scales and blocks are stabilized unless otherwise noted. Wood is a naturally occurring material, though beautiful, there may be voids, checks, or cracks that are not apparent to the naked eye. All care is taken to describe any visible flaws in the material description.