Bespoke Curly Mango

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First, please select the block you would like from the "Raw Material" menu.

Next, please select a Primary Color.
To create a single dye Bespoke item, choose 'None' in both the Secondary and Tertiary Color menus. To create a double dye Bespoke item, choose a Primary Color and a Secondary Color, choose 'None' in the Tertiary Color menu. To create a triple dye Bespoke item, choose a Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Color. ** Certain colors are not available for Primary Colors due to the volume on hand, you must select a Primary Color prior to adding Secondary and Tertiary Colors. Finally, choose your cut, if no selection is made the item will remain a block. The resulting quantity of a cut item is based upon the size, this is estimated in the product description.

Bespoke customized scales and blocks are subjected to the rigorous stabilizing techniques that have brought attention to RockSolid Scales. Setting the bar high has always been the goal. Never before has there been an option such as this!

Bespoke Series blocks and scales start out as the finest raw materials that are stabilized in a proprietary blend of specialized resin and hand formulated dyes. This ensures a quality end product that is customized to your liking.

Pick your block, pick your color, pick your cut, your choice all the way! 

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed! If you are not satisfied with the final product, for any reason, I will offer a full refund. Refunds after the product has shipped will be sans shipping fees. No refunds for products that have been modified in any way.


(^See note in regard to final yield^)

A: 5.75"x2"x2" - Yields 2 sets of 3/8" scales or 3 sets of 1/4" scales

B: 5.75"x2"x2" - Yields 2 sets of 3/8" scales or 3 sets of 1/4" scales

C: 5.5"x2"x2" - Yields 2 sets of 3/8" scales or 3 sets of 1/4" scales

D: 5.5"x2"x2" - Yields 2 sets of 3/8" scales or 3 sets of 1/4" scales


^ Final yield is an estimate that takes into consideration the waste of the kerf of the saw and sanding in the drum sander, this is not guaranteed, however is most likely.

* Please allow a minimum 6 to 8 weeks for completion of all Bespoke Series stabilized blocks and scales. Double and triple dye requests will ultimately take longer, up to 4 weeks for triple dye.

** Quality is guaranteed, timing and deadlines are not. Payment is made up front. Shipping will be invoiced seperately at the time of completion, any shipping invoices that go unpaid for a period of greater than 14 days will be placed for sale, no refunds will be offered if this happens.

*** Wood is a naturally occurring material that may have checks, voids, or inclusions not visible to the naked eye. Appropriate care and time is taken through the stabilization process to reduce the likelihood of incidents that could cause failure of a block. All efforts are made to present blocks and scales in an accurate manner.