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CEC Corp

CEC C-Tough Epoxy - 8.5 oz

CEC C-Tough Epoxy - 8.5 oz

C-Tough is a high performance extremely tough epoxy adhesive which provides superb adhesion to substrates such as metals, glass, fiberglass, masonry, wood, stones, ceramics, and most plastics. 

Common Applications:

Knife Making

Wooden and Aluminum Boat Repairs

Bow Making

Fiberglass Patching and Bonding

Ski and Snowboard Repairs

RV repairs

Golf re-shafting

Sword Handle Repair

Gun Stock Assembly and Repair

Model Building

Furniture Repairs/Manufacturing

Motorcycle and Automobile Repairs

Musical Instrument Repairs/Assembly

Granite Repair

RC Repair

Manufacturing Pens

Aluminum Transom Assembly

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