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CEC Corp C-CAST Deep Pour Resin

CEC Corp C-CAST Deep Pour Resin


C-CAST is a very thin viscosity casting resin produced by CEC Corp from Canada. When casting, thin viscosity leads to less bubbles and microbubbles reducing the necessity of curing in a pressure pot. Low viscosity resin is able to penetrate voids easier, displacing air easier and reducing the possibility of hidden bubbles when casting materials with a complex surface such as Fordite or live edge woods.

Deep pour casting resins allow full cure to greater thicknesses than typical epoxy resins, C-CAST offers the DEEPEST pouring capabilities (see below) of any casting resins I have had exposure to.

- A transparent, two-part epoxy casting system that creates
 clear, tough, non-yellowing, and bubble free results

- Designed specifically for medium to large size casting

- Up to 3 inches per pour for wood and 3.5 inches for materials such as silicon or plastic molds

- Highly polishable when cured, amazing clarity, UV resistant, and self de-gassing

- Two-part epoxy casting with a 2:1 mixing ratio

- Minimal shrinkage and thorough wetting power to fill cracks and voids

- Commonly used for river tables and resin crafts

Technical Specifications:


- Working Time: 90 Minutes
- Gel Time: 160–240 Minutes
- Cure Time 48 Hours
- Full Cure Time 5–7 Days

- Hardness (Shore D): 80
- Max Temp: 158-167°F
- Tensile Strength: 8500–9000 psi
- Elongation at break: 6–8%


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