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Resin and Brass - BLACK Bargain Bin

Resin and Brass - BLACK Bargain Bin

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In the Bargain Bin due to some tear out of the brass from cutting. Be sure to cut with a fine tooth bandsaw blade (10/14 tpi, recommended). Still plenty of brass in this resin to turn out amazing!

Sanded to 150 grit, sprayed with clear coat to bring out the color and figure.

Tips for Working with Resin:
- Use sharp, preferably new drill bits or end mills
- Set drill press or mill to high RPM (2500-3000 rpm)
- Use slow, gentle feeds to prevent grabbing and twisting the material
- Be sure to release pressure on the drillbit occasionally to help clear the chips from the tip of the drillbit.

Dimensions: 5-3/8"x2"x5/16"

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