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RockWax Formula C - 3oz - Bargain Bin

RockWax Formula C - 3oz - Bargain Bin

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In the bargain bin because I accidentally filled them to 3oz and I don’t plan to stock 3oz tins. Once these are gone, they’re gone forever!

RockWax Formula C is a new generation of protection!

I set out to create a wax that is (for all intents and purposes) edible... this means that I needed to avoid petroleum products and needed to focus on using the safest food-grade ingredients. What I discovered is that I incidentally created the best iteration of RockWax ever, arguably one of the best waxes on the market. RockWax Formula C is set apart from the crowd through hours and hours of research to find the right ingredients producing a formulation which easy to spread and durable. If you can't eat it, is it really food safe?

The proprietary ingredient in RockWax Formula C is an organic, food grade hardening oil that penetrates porous to semi-porous material and over time will harden to increase the durability and protection. This sets RockWax Formula C apart from any other wax on the market, most hardening oils used in the mainstream waxes contain petroleum products or solvents which are declared "food safe" but are not edible. 

The base of RockWax Formula C is organic, American-made, and ethically harvested white beeswax. Most, if not all waxes on the market use beeswax as their base due to the durability and safety of the wax.

RockWax Formula C has a pleasant lemon scent due to the use of organic lemon oil which is known for its cleaning action and antimicrobial properties.

My testers invariably brought up the delicious lemon scent of the wax, not only does lemon oil smell amazing, it cleans, protects and offers some level of antimicrobial action. Furthermore, the testers note that RockWax Formula C melts easily between your fingers and easily applies to provide a finish that is not greasy, doesn't load up, and hand buffs easily.The hardening oil in Formula C penetrate porous materials liek G-Carta better than the competition, and also provides an impeccable finish for wood, composite, leather and steel.

Instructions for use:
- Apply RockWax Formula C liberally with your finger
- For best results, using a hairdryer or heat gun, heat the wax until it is entirely melted
- Allow the wax to cool and reharden
- Buff by hand with a soft cloth until your desired sheen and feel are achieved
- Hardening oils may take several days to dry and harden, offering a more durable finish over time

**Though RockWax Formula C is made with all edible ingredients and is, theoretically edible, I do not recommend eating it and cannot be responsible if you try to eat it**


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